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Why You Need to Treat Your Water

Hard Water is Breaking Your Plumbing

Hard Water Breaking Plumbing

Even when water does not pose a health risk, a high concentration of chemicals, minerals, and other foreign elements can cause plumbing damage. Sediment build-up can lead to leaks, and corrosion of the pipes due to mineral deposits that build up and react with our water supply.

Hard Water Doesn’t Taste Good

Water Treatment

Not only does it taste less than great, but sometimes it
even smells bad. Depending on your water’s source,
contaminants might even raise health concerns. Yet,
this is the water you’re drinking, cooking with, and
brushing your teeth with.

Hard Water Doesn’t Clean Well

Hard Water Cleaning

Hard water lessens the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. It can cause unsightly stains, spots, and films on plates and glasses that come out of the dishwasher. Hard water leaves your laundry dull, faded, and rough. The minerals and chemicals in water can even make you feel less than clean after you bathe.

Hard Water can Cause Health Issues

Hard Water Health

Most municipal water is treated with chlorine to kill off contaminants it may encounter as it winds its way through miles of pipe to your home. But once that water reaches your home, that chlorine is no longer needed. A filtration system can significantly reduce the chlorine and other chemicals and contaminants that can cause damage to our health.

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