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Some Hot Tips for Water Heater Maintenance Your Water Heater Needs Regular Maintenance Water heaters are an important, yet often ignored appliance in your home. They provide you and your family with hot water whenever it is needed; yet it is always hidden from view. It is only when it does not perform at its

Traditional Water Heater or Tankless Water Heater Infographic that help choose which one is right for you

Traditional Water Heater or Tankless Water Heater (With Infographic) The best type of water heater for you depends on several things. The amount of hot water that is used on a daily basis, the cost of producing the hot water, and the initial cost of the equipment with installation. Next, there are also environmental concerns

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The Benefits Of A Solar Water Heater For Your Home Having the ability to shower each day with water that is heated with the sun’s natural energy may seem far-fetched, but thanks to solar water heaters, this dream is definitely a reality. While some may be questioning the feasibility of a solar water heater for

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When Should I Replace the Old Water Heater A common question that many homeowners have is in regards to when they should replace their water heater. The answers, while quite plentiful, are simple to figure out. Consider a scenario where an individual slaps the off button on their alarm clock and rushes to the shower

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Water Heater The hot water heater is one of the most unsung heroes in your residence. When it is working just fine, there is very little fanfare, as compared to the consternation that takes place when it breaks. We depend on our hot water heaters

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