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Image of a bathroom where the toilet and bathtub have sewer backup and it has covered the floor.
Sewer Backup: Causes, Prevention, and Recovery A sewer backup occurs when the sewer water that normally leaves your home is forced back into your home for some reason. In most cases, the sewer backup causes quite a bit of damage and is very difficult to clean up. The plumbing that links your home to the
Image of the tip of a sink faucet with a water drop coming out. This image is used for the article How Much Water Does a Leaky Faucet Waste?
How Much Water Does a Leaky Faucet Waste? Leaky faucets waste gallons of water every year, and this can be a costly mistake for both the environment and your wallet. Here are some facts about the quantity of water that is wasted daily and how to reduce the costs associated with such leaks. While we focus
This is an image of a person scraping off food from a plate in to the sink to show proper garbage disposal maintenance
Garbage Disposal Maintenance: Keep It Clean, Running, And Odor Free Keeping your garbage disposal clean, running, and odor free can be very easy to do if you follow a few steps on regular occasion. The methods for garbage disposal maintenance can be grouped into 3 parts. Those parts are proper use of your garbage disposal,
Image of a hand pulling a wet wipe out of the container used for the article How Should I Dispose of Wet Wipes
How Should I Dispose of Wet Wipes While wet wipes are a great invention that make our lives much easier, the process used to dispose of wet wipes leaves a lot to be desired. The majority of the population seems to believe that wet wipes should be disposed of in the same manner as toilet
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