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Top 5 Plumbing Myths Revealed Even though modern plumbing has been around for many decades, the best practices can be easily overlooked. Here we reveal the top 5 plumbing myths. Follow the advice listed below and you could very well save yourself a call to the plumber, and some money. If the sink still drains
Woman with mask and gloves holding a store bought drain cleaner that is not good for plumbing clogs
Why Store Bought Drain Cleaners Are Not Good For Plumbing Clogs You might have been using store bought drain cleaners, and thought that you finally found the perfect solution for your clogged drains. Well, you were wrong, and I’ll tell you some reasons why store bought drain cleaners are not good for plumbing clogs Most
How to Detect a Plumbing Slab Leak and Your Repair Options What is a slab leak? To understand what a slab leak is we first need to cover some basics to understand the term. A slab is another word for foundation which stabilizes and gives your home form. Often under your slab there are pipes
How To Retrieve An Item Dropped Down A Sink Drain With Infographic Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling when you lose something down your sink drain. Whether it’s an earring, a ring, or even something as small as a button, there is an indescribable feeling linked to the drain: a place where things
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