Top 5 Plumbing Myths Revealed

Even though modern plumbing has been around for many decades, the best practices can be easily overlooked. Here we reveal the top 5 plumbing myths. Follow the advice listed below and you could very well save yourself a call to the plumber, and some money.

If the sink still drains there isn’t a blockage

Unfortunately there can be a partial blockage in a drain that causes the water to drain slower than it usually would. If the drain is not fully blocked then the water can still drain…for a while. The problem is that even with a small blockage; other debris can build up over time and cause it to become blocked entirely. Another problem could be that water begins to collect behind the partial blockage which can cause a whole host of problems from pipe corrosion to the pipe itself even bursting which is a plumbing emergency no one wants to encounter!

Citrus fruits will clean a garbage disposal

Although citrus fruits have many great properties, one myth is that they alone are able to clean a garbage disposal avoiding the need for additional cleaning methods. Citrus fruits like lemons can get rid of nasty smells for a while, but will not get rid of germs and grime that can collect. You could put garlic or anything else pungent and it would do exactly the same thing as a lemon. It would create an odor whether pleasant or not!

If a garbage disposal is not properly cleaned any fragrance that is put in there will only last temporarily and will not stop blockages from occurring.

The best way to clean is to glove up and use warm water and cleaning solution mix. Leave that mix to soak for around 15 minutes and then use a cleaning brush to get rid of anything that has been left behind. For more tips of Garbage Disposal Maintance, see our post, “Top 6 Garbage Disposal Tips”.

If it fits you can put it down the drain

A key could fit in a different lock than it is made for, but when you try to turn it the chances are enough pressure will make it break off. This is the same for drains; people often put different substances down the drain and even force particles of food, cigarette butts and paper in there assuming it will wash away with warm water. This can cause the drain to become clogged over time and in the case of a waste disposal could mean that the blades and motor will become damaged and need to be replaced.

No need for maintenance

Most people don’t keep on top of plumbing maintenance and then panic when something goes wrong. Looking out for cracks and other problems such as broken fixtures and seals could prevent you needing to call out a plumber to take care of a bigger job later down the line. Even if the drains seem to be working fine, it’s better to get them fixed as soon as a problem is noticed no matter how small.

Flushable wipes won’t cause problems

The chances are if you flush a wipe, whether advertised as flushable or not, it will go straight down the toilet, so you will assume all is well. Because they are thicker than regular toilet tissue and are not made from paper which breaks up when flushing, they can clog the drain over time. A build up of the wipes could cause a break in the pipes, or cause the toilet to overflow. Messy, smelly and in some cases, an expensive mistake to make!

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