Top 6 Garbage Disposal Tips

It’s easy sometimes to take our garbage disposal unit for granted. It is a very useful tool to get rid of food scraps or vegetable peelings. If we can look after our garbage disposal we can extend its life and avoid plumbing clogs. Let’s look at the top 6 garbage disposal tips.

1. Run the unit regularly

The garbage disposal needs to be run even if you don’t have any food waste. Run the water and turn on the disposal unit every few days. This helps to prevent the unit corroding or rusting. It also shifts any food left inside and avoids odors and clogs.

2. Use cold water with your disposal unit

You may think that hot water would be best but you are not cleaning the unit. Hot water can cause the food to break down and stick to the sides of the unit. Cold water will slightly harden the food which makes it easier for the unit to grind it up. Significantly more of the food will be able to pass through the drain pipe.

3. Let the garbage disposal run long enough

Keep it running and leave the water on until all the food has passed through. The ground up food needs to be pushed through the drainage pipe before you shut it off. You could also put a little washing up liquid down the drain after the food has gone. This will ensure nothing is left and will help to dislodge any waste that is stuck to the sides.

4. Keep the food waste in small pieces

Don’t expect too much from your disposal unit. You can avoid an expensive garbage disposal repair by not putting too much food down it at the same time. Smaller pieces put less strain on your unit. A broken garbage disposal unit can mean you are left storing food waste until it is repaired.

5. Occasionally put vinegar, citrus fruit, and ice down the disposal unit

Next is one of the best garbage disposal tips and it has to do with keeping it clean and smelling fresh. Putting ice in your unit can help dislodge any food that may be causing unpleasant smells. Adding vinegar to the disposal will act as a natural disinfectant. Additionally, lemons, oranges or limes have natural oils in the peels that leave the blades of your disposal lubricated, clean and odor-free.

6. Monitor what you put in the disposal

It is common sense that certain items should not be put down the garbage disposal unit. Glass, metal and plastic can jam the unit and can damage or blunt the blades. Large bones or seeds can also damage the blades. Potato peel isn’t an obvious item that can cause your garbage disposal unit problems but as they contain starch they should be avoided. Starch can stick to the sides of the garbage disposal unit and can clog the drainage pipe. Rice and Pasta can expand when placed in water. they can cause clogs in the drainage pipe. They also contain starch so to avoid the need for a garbage disposal repair it is recommended not to put these items down the unit. This is not a complete list of the recommendations for looking after your garbage disposal unit and for avoiding the need for a garbage disposal repair to a broken garbage disposal. However, following these guidelines will extend the lifetime of your disposal unit.

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