The Importance Of Home Plumbing and your Plumbing Checklist

Owning a house is pretty big deal on its own but the effort that goes into owning one surely has nothing to compare against the additional effort you would have to put in after owning a house to ensure that it is properly maintained and kept in the best of shape. After all, it is our abode, and you should be responsible for its state of well being, in a manner of speaking. Of the most important house care programs, you have the electrical installations to worry about, pest infestation to attend to and of equal importance, the plumbing of your home to cater to.

Plumbing is pretty much a silent aspect of your house maintenance routines, so silent that you might even forget about it altogether but when it does decide to rear its ugly face of problems, you are surely not getting off the hook easily without some fast action. When it has been left neglected for so long, a lot of problems that could have been stopped early on would have accumulated and reached a breaking point that would most likely cause a dent in your pocket before it goes away. It would keep eating at you at every turn, also nagging at you till you fix it as this is the only way you can have peace of mind.

However, plumbing doesn’t have to always be so ugly. These things that cause a lot of problems are such stuffs that could have been avoided and prevented if there was a proper check process and routine maintenance plan in place. In fact, you can eliminate a lot of plumbing problems in your home and save yourself a lot of headache by just taking some time out of your busy schedule to evaluate your home plumbing.

To avoid consistent plumbing issues and maintain healthy plumbing, you might want to adopt some of the practices in the checklist below.

  • Perform regular leak checks to determine faulty pipes and open crevices on time.
  • Always inspect your pipes for early signs of corrosion.
  • Observe your drains and their mode of operation. Listen to observe if there is no gurgling sound or other unusual noises when they are in use.
  • Clean out the p-traps under your sink regularly to prevent clogging.
  • Check the head of every shower in the house regularly for clogging and blockages and as well, pay attention to the aerators of your faucets.
  • Rock your toilet seats gently to check if they are still tightly fitted or not. If you experience little shakes or movements, consider fastening it with the mounting bolts.
  • Check your water closets regularly for signs of damage.
  • Examine the water supply lines and ducts of your washing machine.
  • Examine your tiles regularly to see if there are cracks in them
  • Be conversant of your water pressure. Low pressure may arise from debris settling and building up in your faucets.
  • Check drainage speed to determine whether your drains are not clogged by foreign objects.

Good maintenance of your plumbing would surely give you a better sense of security in your home and would make life easier for you. If you haven’t started already, why not start now?

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