Why Store Bought Drain Cleaners Are Not Good For Plumbing Clogs

Infographic explaining Why Store Bought Drain Cleaners Are Not Good For Plumbing Clogs

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You might have been using store bought drain cleaners, and thought that you finally found the perfect solution for your clogged drains. Well, you were wrong, and I’ll tell you some reasons why store bought drain cleaners are not good for plumbing clogs

Most of these store bought drain cleaners are usually made of very strong chemicals; usually acid or alkaline. These highly corrosive chemicals work by melting out the different particles of the clog, both organic and inorganic. However, while solving one problem, they usually create additional problems for your household.

Although they are very convenient to use, store bought drain cleaners can be very harmful. Hence, it is very important to consider some of the hazards these drain cleaners can cause. Some of the reasons why you should not use them are listed below:

They damage your pipes and toilet

As these drain cleaners dissolve clogged materials from your drain, they also gradually erode your pipes, because of the strong chemicals present in them. After prolonged use of these cleaners, your pipes begin to wear out and and the potential for pipe damage or leaks greatly increases. Furthermore, these cleansers are made in such a way that they heat up while dissolving clogs. When applied into the toilet bowl, the chemical compounds of these cleaners usually settle at the bottom, and may gradually crack the porcelain.

They are actually more expensive than you think

You might argue that it is way cheaper to purchase a bottle of drain cleaner at a convenience store, than to call a plumbing service. This is could be true; however this is usually not the case. If you add up the amount spent on a bottle of drain cleaner every time the drainage gets clogged and the cost of repair for damaged pipes and toilets, in many cases it can greatly exceed the amount you would have spent on a plumbing service to properly unclog the drain the first time.

They are not safe for your household

Drain cleaners are not safe for you and your family. Apart from the fact they are very poisonous; they are also very corrosive and can burn human tissue. They can cause severe damage when they come in contact with any part of the body. Also, when inhaled or ingested, it could result in very serious chronic or acute medical emergency.

They not good for the environment

When these Drain cleaners are disposed of often small amounts of the solution remain in the bottle. What remains usually leaks into the ground and can cause environmental hazards like water poisoning.

They are not as good as you think

You should keep in mind that these store bought chemicals are not 100% efficient. They could work for small clogs, but for bigger clogs they usually have little to no effect. Unfortunately, you cannot determine the size of the clog by yourself, so there is no assurance that the clogs will go away. Even when the clogs manage to get cleaned out, they usually come back in a short while. This prompts continuous use of the drain cleaners. It is therefore advisable to call a plumbing service when your drain gets clogged to avoid further damage.

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