Sewer Backup: Causes, Prevention, and Recovery

A sewer backup occurs when the sewer water that normally leaves your home is forced back into your home for some reason. In most cases, the sewer backup causes quite a bit of damage and is very difficult to clean up.

The plumbing that links your home to the municipality’s sewer line is the responsibility of the homeowner. This sewer line is usually positioned beneath the yard and leads to the street. In certain cases, the sewer line leads to a septic system and is not connected to a public system.

There are many different issues that can cause a sewer backup. Yet, in many cases, there are steps that you can take to help prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Furthermore, if you do find that a sewer backup has happened then it is necessary to follow certain actions to recover from the situation.

Sewer Backup Causes

One of the things that can cause a backup is the age of the sewer system pipes. Some of the sewer lines are more than 40 years old in certain cities and neighborhoods. As time goes on, the sewer line can collapse because of a variety of reasons. Additionally, they are more likely to collapse if they have not been adequately maintained. Pipes can corrode or be crushed by the pressure of the ground shifting and cause a sewer backup.

Additionally, the roots from tall trees can cause sewer backup. Older trees may become overgrown as well as their root system. At this point, their roots may infiltrate the plumbing system and damage the sewer pipes. This creates clogs and can cause sewage to backup into the house.

Furthermore, the combination of sewer and city drainage pipelines can cause sewer backup. Modern home builders recently have begun combining sewer and public rainwater drainage systems. This can become a problem when it rains heavily. At this point, it may combine with the sewage and cause sewer backup.

Sewer Backup Prevention

Every homeowner should take certain preventive steps to avoid a sewer backup. First, don’t dispose of grease, fats, sauces and cooking oil into your kitchen drainage system as it can damage the sewer lines faster. It is best to dispose of them into a heat resistant container.

Wet wipes, paper towels, and feminine products should not be disposed of through your toilet. When they pass through the sewer pipelines, they congest the system. It is better to throw them into a waste bin and later dispose of them.

Another preventive measure is updating the sewer lines and plumbing in your home if it is too old. The pipeline should be replaced with newer PVC’s because they are more durable and long lasting.

Installing a water prevention or backflow valve is also a preventive measure to avoid sewer backup from entering your home.

Proper and adequate maintenance of the sewer lines should be performed on regular occasion. Licensed plumbers have specialized tools to help maintain the health of your sewer drainage system. Hydro Jetting is a very effective method of cleaning sewer lines and pipes by using high-pressure streams of water to keep pipes from clogging up.

Sewer Backup Recovery

If you happen to experience a sewer backup there are several things you should do to recover from the damage. First, contact a licensed Plumber to repair the affected sewer pipeline if necessary. Next, mop the floors of the house and disinfect all the plumbing fixtures. Also, disinfect the walls and the baseboards. Then, remove the wet carpets if necessary or disinfect them so that they don’t breed germs and mold. If the sewer backup happened on a second story or you have a basement, additional repairs may be necessary. You may need to replace drywall or clean up the ductwork in between floors.

Many home owners insurance companies offer sewer backup coverage, but it costs extra. Check your policy to make sure you are covered for this serious issue.

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