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How Should I Dispose of Wet Wipes

While wet wipes are a great invention that make our lives much easier, the process used to dispose of wet wipes leaves a lot to be desired. The majority of the population seems to believe that wet wipes should be disposed of in the same manner as toilet paper. So, they flush them down the toilet after they are done using them to for cleaning purposes.

The thickness of toilet paper and wet wipes are very similar, but that does not mean that they should be treated equally. Toilet paper is made and designed for the purpose of being flushed away. Yet, wet wipes were not designed for this purpose.

Wet wipes are wonderful for cleaning our little ones, and adults have also come to enjoy their usage as well. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not made from materials that are easily biodegradable. Consequently, the wipes that have been flushed down your toilet will linger inside of your plumbing system for several weeks.

Sewage System Problems

Sewage systems are only constructed to handle toilet paper and other biodegradable substances in most instances. When home owners dispose of wipes on a regular basis, this can cause serious problems within your sewage system. In most cases, these problems are very difficult to fix. When the wet wipes cannot be processed, major clogs start to take place, and these clogs can be extremely costly to unblock.

A sewage treatment center is responsible for processing all of the waste for an entire city. If everyone is flushing wet wipes down the toilet without regard for how they will be processed, the city is left to handle the issue. Yet, the clogs usually occur in the plumbing system of the home owner. Professional plumbers will always always warn against flushing wet wipes because of the clogs that they are known to cause.

Effect Over Time

Sure, you may think flushing a single wipe during each trip to the bathroom is not a big deal. Unfortunately, the cumulative effect associated with this practice can be catastrophic to your drain system. Keeping this in mind makes proper disposal practices especially important.

As the wet wipe build up over time they can cause complete backups. Once a clog has developed, it will only continue to worsen as other objects that are sent down the drain begin to cling to it. The clog will often take place outside of the home, where all of the plumbing is centrally located, making the task of fixing it even more difficult for the professionals. In most cases store bought drain cleaners never correct the problem and Hydro Jetting will be necessary.


You should always dispose of wet wipes in the trash. Flushing these wet wipes down the toilet can cause major plumbing clogs, and cost you money. Additionally, as soon as you notice any sort of plumbing problems, it is in your best interests to contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. Yet, for those who wish to avoid the issue entirely, be more proactive when you dispose of wet wipes.

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