How to Choose a Plumbing Company – Top 6 Tips

You’ve found an issue in your plumbing. Maybe it’s your water heater, a clogged drain or toilet, or a leak in your pipes. Now you need to call in a plumber to fix the issue before it gets any worse. Yet, how to choose a plumbing company? You want to make sure the plumber is trained correctly and the company is good and recommended. Additionally, there are other crucial things to consider when choosing a plumbing company. So, here are the top 6 tips to in order to help you find a good and reliable plumbing company to address your needs.


The first thing to look for is licensing. It is important to make sure the plumber you hire is correctly licensed to work. This license number should be on the plumbers vehicle, website, and shown in any advertisements for themselves. A license number confirms that the plumber being considered is genuine and qualified for the job.


The next thing to look for is experience. Having years of experience in the industry and a good reputation can go a long way. This matters because it can be correlated to trust. There would be no point in hiring a plumber on license alone and hoping he knows the skills needed to get the job done.

Having years of experience can help a plumber find the problem faster and provide the proper solution to the plumbing problem the first time.

Also, ask about referrals and check up on them, or read reviews from online resources like Yelp, and Google.


Third, consider the total cost of the job. Most plumbers will come in and be able to give an estimate of the cost after assessing the problem. This estimate will not include any unforeseeable problems. Ask if the estimate is a flat rate or an hourly rate. A flat rate won’t change based on labor or time taken to do the job. An hourly rate may cost more and many times can be more expensive than flat rate. Also, See if usual plumbing equipment and parts are stocked in the truck or van the plumber uses. If not this may mean a trip to the hardware store. If this is the case ask about who will be paying for the parts and the time spent traveling to, from, and inside the store.

Guarantee or Warranty

The next thing to check is a guarantee or warranty on their work. Plumbers should guarantee their work, including the parts, for a set amount of time. This is good to look for so you don’t end up paying for the same job a few weeks, or even a few months, later. Ask for a written agreement and what to do if any complications arise.

Insurance and Permits

Look for insurance next. Check that the company provides workers compensation and liability insurance as these will cover the plumber in case of an injury on the job. If there is no insurance the homeowner would be liable for medical expenses and any costs related to the injury. Additionally, depending on the level of plumbing work being done, a permit may need to be pulled. Make sure the plumber has all the permits needed for the job.

Response Time

Finally, ask about response time. See when the company can send someone out to fix the problem. The response time can vary depending on the time of week or during holidays. Finding a company close to you will often reduce response time due to less travel.

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