How To Properly Use A Plunger

Plunging the toilet may seem simple but it requires a proper technique. Most people go weeks, months without maintaining the toilet. When it clogs, the toilet is given all the attention it lacked. While a majority of homeowners keep a plunger in their homes, a large proportion of this population doesn’t know how to properly use a plunger.

The proper technique is quite easy to master as anyone can learn it quickly and handle the task easily.

Follow the steps stated below to learn how to use a plunger properly.

1st Step

There are several different types of plungers, so ensure that you’re using the kind that’s best for that particular task at hand. One type of plunger looks like a basketball sliced in half, and it is also called the “standard plunger.” Another type has an extended flange, and this type is the best to use for a toilet. The flange fits perfectly into the drain hole, causing a tight seal which results in greater suction power.

2nd Step

While plunging a toilet, it can become messy. Minimize the need for cleanup by placing old towels or dirty rags at the toilet’s base. The fabric serves as a landing area for water that splashes on the floor during the process. Also, before plunging the toilet with a filled bowl, use gloves, and buckets to first bail out at least half of the fluid before continuing.

3rd Step

An easy method to use in improving the plunger’s suction is to apply petroleum jelly on the rime of the flange —the part which is placed into the drain hole. Also, right before you plunge, close any other drain in the bathroom. Doing so is not compulsory, but it makes the plunger have more suction.

4th Step

As you insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, be sure that the flange enters the drain hole. In the meantime, the plunger’s rubber lip should sit around the drain opening. Try to hold the apparatus in a vertical position, with the handle pointing straight up. Although it may feel comfortable to position the device at an angle, doing so will affect the seal between the drain and the plunger.

5th Step

Now forcefully move the plunger up and down for approximately 10 or 20 seconds. That is how long it has to take for the pressure of the air and water moving backward and forward in the drain so as to clear up the clog.

Plunging a toilet can be a little messy, so don’t attempt plunging after pouring a drain-clearing chemical into the bowl. This is because the chemical may splash out during the plunging process and harm your skin or corrode materials in the toilet or the bathroom.
If after about 30 seconds of continuous plunging the clog doesn’t clear up, call a plumber, unless you have some expertise or plumbing tools. What’s most likely required now is what is called a snake, or a flexible auger which is used to clear out clogged pipes. To preserve your toilet’s finish, it is better to use a drill with brushes built specifically for bathroom toilets.

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